Have you ever experienced dry skin in the winter months or on a winter vacation? Let me just tell you how uncomfortable it can be. We’re all familiar with a sunburn in the summer, but cracked skin in the winter can be even more painful!

Going in and out from cold temperatures in the outdoors to heat indoors causes major drying and can wreak havoc on your skin! But, not to worry, there are plenty of ways to prevent chapped lips, dry and cracked skin.

Here are some of my skin care tips for keeping 

your body protected and hydrated in the winter months!


1. SPF

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t get sunburned! With every 1,000 feet above sea level, UV exposure increases 4-5 percent. So if you’re headed to the mountains for a adventurous hike or the slopes for some enjoyable skiing, you better apply that SPF to your face, ears, scalp, lips and any part of your body exposed to the light!

There is nothing more important than SPF, but not all sunscreens are created equally. Do you know the difference between physical and chemical sunscreen? If you don’t, I’d highly recommend reading up on it.

I’ve found the natural, mineral options to be the best. Most importantly, avoid sunscreens with avobenzone: instead opt for zinc oxide.

The most important skincare product you can use on a daily basis (year round) is sunscreen!

2. Moisturize Daily

You will need to up your moisturizing game,  the warmer months you may only need a light moisturizer after a shower. However, cold winter weather dries out your skin, stripping it of natural oils and causing it to crack and flake.

An intensive body lotion with a  rich, nourishing formula with white tea extract, aloe vera, shea butter, and antioxidant ingredients is my go to daily moisturizer.

3. Avoid Hot Showers

As nice as a hot shower might feel on a cold day, keep in mind it dries out your skin! 

Shorten your shower and use lukewarm — not hot — water. Pat your skin dry instead of rubbing it with a towel, and apply moisturizer immediately while your skin is still damp (see number 4)

Definitely use lukewarm water when washing your hands and face to avoid stripping your skin of natural oils. 

4. Moisturize After You Shower

Your skin not only needs extra moisture in the winter, but  moisturizing your skin right after a shower is VERY important for combating dry skin. Your skin is more receptive right after a shower, this helps your moisturizer to penetrate deeply into the skin, locking in natural oils, and aid in repairing the skin.

Moisturizing after a shower, especially in the cold winter months is essential to keeping your skin soft and supple. Coconut oil is perfect for quick application with deep moisture when you need it most.


5. Exfoliate

Regularly exfoliating your face and body helps shed dead skin and will make your moisturizers work better. The less dead skin, the easier it is for your moisturizer to absorb and to help keep your skin healthy. I love this body scrub and use it 2-3 times a week!


6. Use a Humidifier

Heating (whether it’s central heating or a space heater) dries the air in your home and office. By using a humidifier, you add moisture back into the air, keeping your skin from drying out. Having one by your bedside it most important, but the more around the house, the better!

7. Hydrate from the Inside

Whether you see the results in your skin or not, your body needs water to stay hydrated. If you find yourself slacking on your “8 glasses a day,” try adding lemon to warm water for soothing refreshment. I find that stocking up on herbal teas keeps me drinking more water all winter long!


My Picks…

One of my Favorite Zinc Oxide SFF lotions!A lightly tinted mineral sunscreen suitable for all skin types and tones. It contains moisturizing ingredients for an elegant, dewy finish. Soothing, calming 20% Zinc Oxide. Also this SFF makes the perfect post procedure product.


Moisturize Daily

enummi® Intensive Body Lotion is formulated to provide rich moisture and skin softening support that is especially beneficial in drier climates. Its unique blend of ingredients effectively supports the barrier of defense provided by your skin and delivers essential moisture to support healthy skin. I am sharing my wholesale link 🙂


There are countless health benefits to using coconut oil topically to your skin. Scientists have figured out that this oil contains a unique combination of fatty acids with powerful medicinal properties that feed and moisturize the skin. It is light weight, provides a silky-smooth feeling for all skin types without clogging pores all while nourishing and moisturizing.


enummi® Spa Body Scrub is a total body exfoliator with a gentle, natural approach, featuring exfoliators and fruit acids to nudge away dead skin cells. Rich oils and aloe calm and enrich skin’s fresh surface layer to reveal skin that looks totally buffed and beautified.  I am sharing my wholesale link 🙂

This sleek humidifier is great for your nightstand and also compact enough to travel with.  Keep moisture in the air to help relieve dry skin and breathe more easily.





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