Permanent makeup has been around for quite some time and becoming more and more popular by the day. The number of permanent makeup technicians are popping up all over, which can make finding the best permanent makeup artist seem difficult.

Let us start with the reasons for the rising popularity in permanent makeup, there are many, but to name a few…

⏰ To save time

💰 To save money

💕 Wake up with natural enhancements

🤧 Allergic to traditional makeup

👀 Can’t see to apply traditional makeup

⚕️ Medical reasons or shaky hands

🏅Active lifestyle

With pmu (permanent makeup) all these worries come to an end, which is why so many people are opting for it. Imagine waking up with your eyebrows or your lips already done? Amazing, right?

To ensure you receive the best possible outcome, you must put an effort into finding the right person for the job. This task can be tedious, which is why we made a list of things which you should take into consideration when choosing your artist. 

Choosing the best permanent makeup artist for the job

You’ve decided on receiving a pmu treatment, now its time for the most important step, finding the right artist to suit your desires, wants and needs. 

A recommendation from your close friend or someone you know is perhaps better than any online review. They can tell you about their personal experience which can be so valuable in making your decision. 

If you don’t know anyone personally who has received permanent makeup, try a Google search. Be sure to include the location and type of treatment you are looking for.

Finding the right artist is crucial, after all this is a tattoo on your face. I have compiled a list to help you choose the right person for the job.

1️⃣ Read Reviews

With the internet, no information is hard to get

2️⃣ Book a consultation and ask many questions

The artist should be knowledgeable about the subject matter and answer your questions clearly and fully. The technician’s communication skills will tell you a great deal about how knowledgeable and experienced they are. If they talk fluently about the treatment and know how to answer the questions without hesitation, they’ve probably done it many times. If, however, they show hesitation and answer to many questions vaguely, it is perhaps better to choose someone else.

3️⃣ Check their credentials and certification

When talking about credentials, we primarily talk about how much training the technician has and their required certifications. If they are well-experienced technicians with a lot of hours spent with the needle and the pigment, they won’t be shy to show it.

The world of permanent makeup is constantly changing with innovations happening almost on daily basis. You will want to have the artist who is following these trends and who is constantly improving his or her skills. 

You may be surprised to know, currently in the state of California (which is where I mostly practice), there is no license required for tattooing. Permanent makeup technicians are regulated by their counties Health Department only.

4️⃣ Experience, not just years but number of procedures

In the world of micropigmentation and permanent makeup, years of experience do not necessarily mean a good technician. Therefore, the key question here is not how many years of experience the person has but how many procedures they do on daily or weekly basis? And, are they up to date with the newest trends?


5️⃣ Portfolio-check their before & after photos (be cautious of photo editing)

Checking the artists portfolio with before and after photos is also an important step in your search. Every great artist will want to showcase his or her previous procedures and display what they have done in the past.

These photos will show their skills and how the end results. An experienced artists will have a comprehensive portfolio. For example, microblading, eyeliner or lip blush, the artist will have several, not just a single case of each. This will help you get to know their style and decide whether or not it is suitable for you.

If the photos are not enough for you, you can always try and find patient’s reviews. This is a good way to see what others opinion and experience is with the given procedure. There are many platforms and blogs where people talk about their experience.

6️⃣ Comfort level

There are topical anesthetics that knowledgeable pmu artist use regularly.    The technician can and should start with a pre-procedure anesthetic that is placed on the area to be treated.  This will limit the pain associated with the first needle pass.

Once the skin is broken, some of the most dramatic advances in the US market have to do with over the counter epinephrine products.   These products not only severely reduce the pain, but the epinephrine also helps limit swelling and bleeding.    

7️⃣ Correction/Perfecting policies and Pricing

There are many treatments, such as microblading that require a touch-up or perfecting session a few weeks after the original procedure. Because this is a crucial part of a treatment, many artists include this second appointment in the price. Be sure to check with your artist to see if this is included in the price or if there will be an additional charge.

When it comes to pricing, this can be a sensitive subject. Consider this an investment in your face. The price of any pmu treatment depends on many factors. The most important ones are the popularity of the treatment in your area, the experience of the artist and the quality of the materials used.

Don’t base your decision on the least expensive or the even the most expensive. As a general rule, stay away from people charging suspiciously low prices. The reason for this is their inexperience and perhaps even the lack of licensing and proper training. You definitely do not want to be the guinea pig for them to practice on!. There are numerous examples of botched treatments which will give you a chill by only looking at them.

Do keep in mind an experienced artist that is up to date with the latest technology and modalities has spent many hours and many dollars on training and continued education. Part of what you pay for is the artist knowledge and experience.

Therefore, first check the price range for the given treatment in your area and go with that, avoiding any suspicious deals. If you haven’t saved enough money, it is better to wait a few months then do something you’ll regret.

Remember this is an investment in yourself

Doing your due diligence and taking the time to find the best and right artist for yourself will be worth it! The benefits of pmu have become well-known to many. Waking up with your eyebrows already done, or always having a beautiful tint on your lips and eyeliner to help your eyes pop can save you so much time and not to mention money. If you follow the advice and patiently look for the right pmu artist, you too can enjoy the many benefits of permanent makeup.


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