Eyebrows may be one of the most important defining features on our face. Brows are pivotal in emphasizing our eyes, accentuating our expressions and giving symmetry to our face.  

Whether you are looking for a natural, realistic brow, a more defined powder filled brow or a combination of both, a design and color consultation will help determine the right look for your desired outcome.

Before your treatment begins, Lisa Marie will start with a discussion of the shape and color of your preference. The unique bone structure and contours of your face will play a significant part in the look and shape of your brows.

Lisa Marie believes that no two set of brows are alike, and the best brows come from following what is already naturally there. Even if you don’t have much hair to follow, your bone structure and eyes will tell where your brows should be.

After you have approved the shape of your choice, color is carefully selected to match your natural skin tone and hair color.

Hair-Stroke Brows

Manual micro-stroking is a unique process used to create precise strokes that mimic the effect of real hair creating the most realistic, natural looking eyebrows.

Manual micro-stroking is also known as microblading, eyebrow embroidery, feathering or 3/6D brows. This technique is perfect for filling in thin brows, brows with bald spots, total brow reconstruction and even alopecia. Because each stroke is done individually, Master artist Lisa Marie is able to perfect the desired shape, color and density.

Hair-Stroke Brows are not for everyone, Click Here to find out if Hair-Stroke Brows are for you.


Traditional/Powdered Fill Brows

If you’re someone who prefers a fuller brow but still wants that soft texture, you may want to consider the powdered technique. The powder technique mimics the appearance of conventional brow makeup whether it be a brow pencil or brow powder.

Lisa Marie can create this look by using a tiny cluster of needles with a machine for a long lasting beautiful brow.

The result of either choice is beautiful, natural looking symmetrical eyebrows that are perfectly placed and colored.

Most procedures require an initial visit as well as a perfecting visit within 4-6 weeks.

A $100 deposit is required to reserve any Permanent Cosmetic Procedure appointment.

Beautiful Strokes

$550 price may vary

  • This is designed for people that need a minimal amount and want to enhance or fill in their already full/thin brows.
  • Pricing may vary.

Wow Brow

$750 price may vary

  • For those that want more definition to their existing brow. This doesn't apply to corrective, or a total restoration. You must have a trace of a brow.
  • Pricing may vary. Price includes your follow-up appointment within 4-6 weeks.

Eyebrow Correction

$850 starting price

  • Permanent makeup gone wrong? Aren't happy? We can fix your brows.
  • Pricing may vary. VIP consultation is required. Consultation fee will be deducted from final total.

Eyebrow Restoration

$850 starting price

  • Suited for those that have very little to no brow. Complete restoration of look and shape.
  • Pricing may vary. Price includes your follow-up appointment within 4-6 weeks).